I’m a conservative Republican and I voted for Obama

I don’t write personal observations on this blog very often. I was always more intrigued with the technology. I’m also not a political junkie. Most would call me an apathetic voter.

As the election heated up in the beginning of this year, I wrote the following to a good friend of mine back in January. I was trying to hash through my feelings regarding the various candidates and the image came to my mind and it really resonated within me.

I was watching Obama give a speech after the Iowa caucus and his little girls were on stage and I thought, “His daughters deserve to live in the White House.” The picture that came to mind was the famous picture of John John Kennedy in the Oval office with his Dad. I pictured those two little girls running around the Oval Office. How cool. I find it hard to believe that we are still so divisive in this country. There is still a great deal of racial hatred floating around in the undercurrent of our nation and I find that sad.

I hope we have accomplished something with this election. I know it may be optimistic and I know it won’t solve the problem, but we can hope.