Picking out the gems [1].

Picking out the gems.

Summary: A chance to scan weblogs that also deal with the same topic? Useful, helpful, even to the writer who in some real sense discovers the subject after having completed the effort. But useful, certainly, to the reader who found the blog entry through, say, Google, and then has some Waypath located blogs to follow.

Lilia got Waypath to work for her.

Waypath plug-in installed.

I wrote earlier about Waypath Radio plug-in, but didn’t have time to install it. I did it today – check my homepage to see how it works (I’d like to play a bit more with styling, but this is for another time).

Let’s see if it survives in my templates 🙂


If you see some links below… then it will have worked for me too. ;o]} [Connectivity: Spike Hall’s RU Weblog]

Waypath looks interesting.  They claim to have over 8 million posts in their database which is a lot.  It’ll be interesting to see how this develops and how often  they pick out the gems from among that lot 🙂

[Curiouser and curiouser!]