My Yahoo, Oracle, and Moreover….

My Yahoo, Oracle, and Moreover..

Follow this sequence:

  1. Yahoo! ports their enterprise MyYahoo! onto the Oracle 9i platform.
  2. They announce that Oracle will make it available to all of their existing customers.
  3. Moreover launches a weblog search tool for portal users.

    • From a news release:

      • The company said it has selected more than 25,000 ‘business critical weblogs’ that the search tool will scan for information, allowing corporate users to quickly access the “high value news, commentary and consumer opinion that resides within blogs”.
      • Moreover’s team rated the blogs to determine their quality, so users can instantly gauge the importance of the featured content. The company considered reliability, integrity and calibre of the blog, before assigning a ranking.

      • The individual content featured can provide businesses with “valuable insight into perceptions of their business”, said Moreover.

  4. Moreover makes this blog search available to Oracle customers through MyYahoo!

What might we learn from this?

  • Distribution channels and customer relationships matter

    • 16,000 big companies is a lot of customer access.
    • If they average between 1000 and 5000 employees per customer, that’s 16-80 million potential weblog readers
    • What percent of those become bloggers themselves?

  • Mediated blog content is becoming a feature

    • Keep up to speed with those bloggers who seem to know everything

  • Integration with existing information delivery systems, like portlets, is among formal purchasing criteria.
  • The blogosphere may become an alternative to premium content services.

    • By and large, no need to pay a blogger for public information.
    • Does moreover check the copyrights and licenses for each blog? Does redistribution qualify as a commercial use?

  • There is room to compete on quality:

    • Technorati and DayPop might do a better job than moreover at finding the right blogs and posts to read
    • At Seybold, I asked ten content management system vendors for their blog strategy. Nine didn’t know what a weblog was, including the biggies like Documentum. The tenth was a German firm that was all over it. Expect new entrants, especially as they leverage their existing customers.
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