Adjusting to P-time [1].

Adjusting to P-time.

Earlier I wrote about P-time. I’m now trying to see if I can create a work style around it. I am getting up at 5-6am, sitting in my living room with all of my IM buddy lists, IRC and mail tracking the presence of as many people as possible. I have iTunes and iChat Streaming Icon on and have applescripts letting people on iChat and IRC know what I’m listening to. I track UTC in my head and try to remember what time zone it is in the various countries and watch people wake up, go to eat, go to bed. I’ve started giving people my vonage phone number. I’ve started adding more people to LinkedIn and IM, trying to make contact with people I’ve lost touch with. Then, I sit around, chatting on IRC, reading email, blogging, until I see someone I need to talk to or a text conversation gets interesting enough to make a phone call, do a iChatAV video chat with or even rally a conference call around on the free conference call system,

I am letting my thoughts wander, immersing myself in this spew of contextual information. It’s a different mode, but it’s very interestingly real time and multi-modal. I’m now trying to figure out whether I should have P-time days and M-time days, or split the day into different modes…

By Joichi Ito [Joi Ito’s Web]