Rendering PHP Files with Radio…

Rendering PHP Files with Radio UserLand. A Workbench visitor asks: How can I use Radio to render .php files instead of .html files when upstreaming?

The file extension is determined by the #renderedFileExtension directive. By default, files are rendered with the .html extension.

To set the extension to .php for an entire folder and its subfolders, edit the #prefs.txt file in that folder and add this line:

#renderedFileExtension “php”

Here’s an example: the xmas.txt file and the xmas.php page it produces.

To set the extension only for a specific file, add the same line at the top of the file along with any other directives. Leave a blank line after the directives and before the content of the page, but don’t put blank lines between each directive. [Workbench]