Klognets give faster payback than…

Klognets give faster payback than tradtional Intranet portals.

John Robb asks:

  1. Can blogs can replace portals?
  2. If so, what are the relative costs, benefits, ROI?

His answers (and I concur):

  1. Yes for everything except “adding a web front end to business apps”
  2. Blogs look better:

    • Costs: $142 vs. $807 per desktop (Costs 82% less)
    • Benefits: $1,658 vs. $1,886 per desktop (Delivers 88% of the value)
    • ROI: 1,170% vs. 240% (or 4.9 times the ROI)

Considering that so many projects:

  • Aren’t funded at all in this economy
  • Fail completely (around 25% are cancelled or aborted)
  • Fail partially (blowing scope, schedule, or budget)

Setting up a klognet seems like a low risk, high payoff proposition.

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