Images and Metadata [1].

Images and Metadata.

Fotonotes: The Cool New App

Greg Elin has rolled out his new tool, Fotonotes annotation of JPEG files with metadata. It allows you to embed stories in a picture and, as you roll your mouse over the image, sections are highlighted and the text appears. Dan Gillmor gives Fotonotes a rave here, and demontrates how the image annotation works.

Now, think about how Fotonotes can be used to embed metadata in images so that they can be related by database functionality. This picture of Dan Bricklin could be related to other pictures of Dan, as well as Mitch Kapor, who is sitting in the background. Want to know if people frequently appear together? Google their names and get this picture and others, such as from PC Forum’s site.” [RatcliffeBlog: Business, Technology & Investing]

This could be very interesting for library digitization projects, and it’s perfect for Pullman, Andy B.!

[The Shifted Librarian]