I think this is where…

I think this is where Google is headed with their purchase of Pyra. If I remember correctly, Pyra developed a project management package but did not have the resources to develop Blogger and that package so they shelved it. Having weblog (authoring), schedules, a document repository, enterprise search, and RSS feeds makes for a pretty nice package for the enterprise.

More: Pyra’s Killer APP: Stating the Obvious, May 1, 2000
“Contrary to popular opinion, Pyra’s killer app isn’t Blogger, it’s Pyra. Of course, that’s mostly semantics, since Blogger’s an application built on top of the Pyra framework. Which means that Pyra could not only be your next project management app, but your next content publishing platform as well. An integrated content, template, task, issue, and discussion database? Sounds like a killer app to me.”

From: [a klog apart]

Google Pyramaniacs Pry Open Enterprise Sales..

Why did Google buy Pyra Labs?

“Klogging”. Watch for their Google Search Appliance to come bundled with a version of the Blogger Pro server.

Search, or the lack of it, holds back intranet blogging. When everyone uses Google to search the universe, you expect blogs inside the firewall to show up too. But they don’t.

Unless your Google Appliance crawls them.

This is the Lotus Notes killer. A harsh stab at the next Microsoft Office’s collaboration tools. When everyone is writing in to their blog, and content is immediately available, why do you need this other stuff?

What’s left to complete the picture? Two things:

RSS push to the Google search crawler.

A converged microcontent client.

Who’s going to buy?

The military and security complexes.

Big business, especially those who with a human capital self image.

Civil government: cities, states, public service agencies, larger not-for-profits.

Why buy Pyra? Klogging creates searchable, linked content, and that sells appliances.

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