Afterblog [1].


Some retrospectives on Live from the Blogosphere in L.A. on Saturday night:

  • Mark Frauenfelder’s photos, taken with a camera so small you could drown it like an olive in a martini glass
  • Tony Pierce’s all-true account of What Went Down, including a perfect expos? of Journalism as Unusual… if you want to know why Google bought Blogger look no further than this very story
  • Random$Foo, live
  • Ev (the hands-down star of the thing, even without delivering his closing Fuck Whoa salvo) has this accountEveryone got quiet for a second while they read “Google buys Pyra.” Doc said “holy shit.” For what it’s worth ($millions, I hope, in pre-IPO Google stock), Ev offers these Bloogleplications.

Pretty amazing: I was there and even now I still have less to say about the Bloogle Thing than anybody else.

Just wait.

By the way, the L.A. Times will have something on the show in the Calendar section, I’m told.

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