What consumer electronics markets could…

What consumer electronics markets could a hand-held hard drive gut (when thinking about this, it is important to think of 2010 when you will likely have a TB in a hand-held package)?  A fully realized system would radically impact the following:

  1. Digital still cameras.
  2. Digital video cameras.
  3. Portable radios.
  4. Portable CD players.
  5. TiVo (if shipped in combo with a base station that contains a hard drive).
  6. Digital audio recorders.
  7. Car DVD and tape players (with FM transmission add-ons for the Archos or iPod).

In all of those cases, the core element is the portable hard drive.  The recording and/or playback feature functionality is merely a dumb peripheral (directly connected or connected via wireless).  Add wireless and server capabilities and it can power your PC, your TV, and your stereo.  It allows you to take your library of media on the road with you.  It allows you to share your media library with friends and family.  If application software was designed with this device in mind, you could take your favorite applications, and their data, with you and run them on any computer you choose to run them on.  There are even some interesting things that could be done with wireless phones such as providing synchronization to provide bottomless voicemail storage and more. [John Robb’s Radio Weblog]