BostonWorks – Software Engineer Jobs…

BostonWorks – Software Engineer Jobs

“Software Engineer Job Listings from BostonWorks and The Boston Globe.” [Recently approved feeds from]

This is a great idea. I hope to make our Career Central databases of library-related jobs in the Chicagoland area available via RSS at some point. Ideally, you’d be able to subscribe to a feed of new listings for public library reference jobs, special library jobs, youth services jobs, etc. – your choice.

Update: others are way ahead on this one. Ben Hammersley points out Jez Higgins’ work in this area using JobServe2RSS:

“So you’re looking for a new programming job. Maybe you’re a contractor, perhaps you’ve just got itchy feet. There are scads of jobs being advertised on Jobserve, but frankly it’s a pain in the backside checking it all the time. Well, through the power of software, you can have this little script do the checking for you. It scrapes Jobserve, generating an RSS feed of the jobs you’re interested in. Point your favourite RSS aggregator at it and Bob’s your mother’s brother. Fresh job ads, delivered to your desktop.

It’s a Perl script that munges the Jobserve HTML in an RSS 0.91 feed. Set up a scheduled job and fresh job ads are yours. It’s available from here (link fixed).”

Side note: you can now pre-order Ben’s book Content Syndication with RSS!

[The Shifted Librarian]