How does your newspaper site…

How does your newspaper site sleep?

“Staying relevant” is the big challenge, according to one newspaper site executive. This would be the challenge for all media, the problem any Net site has is what to do when the novelty of online delivery, a few Flash animations (which turn out to be a lot more expensive than management would like) and reader polls has worn off. CEO is more down to earth, keeping his mind on managing ad inventory to maximize the value of his inventory.

The big trick is figuring out how to integrate what you do with text into new media — audio and video, learning titles and so forth. The Post has been very good at taking past coverage to create briefings on current events, for example. But as digital communications replace the one-way analog bandwith we’ve grown up with, a news organization that doesn’t also produce for what we might call Radio or “TV” today is wasting cycles that could be turned into more inventory.

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