Penciling in that weblogs in…

Penciling in that weblogs in meatspace conference.

The Art of Blogging – Part 1

I’ve posted a new article: Blogging – Part I: Overview, Definitions, Uses, and Implications (I’ll post Part II later this week). The article is an attempt to provide an overview of what blogging is…and how it responds to the characteristics of the Internet…and altering how information is/will be handled. [elearnspace]

New Article: Art of Blogging – Part 2

I’ve posted a new article: Art of Blogging – Part 2. In this article I address getting started, “how to blog”, tools, RSS and aggregators [elearnspace]

An excellent introduction to the current world of blogging.

We seem to be in a new wave of reflection on the blogging phenomenon, witness Dave Winer’s proposal for a weblogging conference (Weblogs In Meatspace ) and the ensuing discussion by Scoble, Paolo, AKMA, Aaron, and Sam Ruby, among others. Something I’d like to be able to put on my calendar as well (although, like Shelley Powers, I would prefer to see it held in the center of the country as opposed to one of the edges).

One suggestion on volunteers and cost management. Tap into the experience base of the science fiction world and their experience with Cons. They seem to be able to pull off very complex events on very small budgets.

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