Information architecture theses [1].

Information architecture theses.

Theses Information Architecture. 25 Theses of Information Architecture via LucDesk Comment: Each of the 25 points is quotable…space doesn’t allow…sample: “Shaping information to… [elearnspace blog]

Here is thesis #18 as an example:

Just as the Copernican revolution changed the paradigm for more than astronomy, the Internet has changed our paradigm for more than just technology. We now expect all information environments to be as accessible, as immediate, and as total.

All are worth thinking about. Right now, information architecture is a nascent discipline working to establish itself.  The 25 theses, for example, are posted on the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture’s website. If you are a knowledge worker, however, don’t be too quick to hand off responsibility for information architecture to someone else on the theory that they are the professionals. Knowledge and information are too central to your work. In the spirit of Christopher Alexander, you will be better served to participate actively in shaping the information architectures and environments around you. It is too important to leave to the experts.

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