Toward a theory of klognets….

Toward a theory of klognets..

CommonMe bloggrolled Denmark’s own Hoejberg. Hoejberg posted:

Andy Chen talks about his company’s product called RabbleRouser. The approach, Four Dimensions of Collaboration, taken to design the product looks interesting.

hmmm. The 4d:

  1. The Connected Worker

    • Provisioned with tools for connection.

    • Supported by incentives and moderation.

  2. The Evolution of the Community

    • Begin dialog.

    • Include people inside and outside your organization.

    • Ignore org borders.

    • Conversation stimulates brainstorms and mindbombs.

    • More conversation, more solutions.

    • People take roles. See small group psychology.

    • Recruit action teams from conversation groups.  

  3. The Evolution of the Problem

    • Problems form small communities out of larger ones.

    • Problems act as catalysts. They draw the interested and productive, and repell the rest.

    • The problem community moves from discussion to action, from informal to formal.

  4. The Problem Portfolio

    • Program management in the network/hierarchical organization.

This is a true march toward a theory of klognet behavior.

btw, Quovix RabbleRouser is a free project portfolio app, Windows or Linux.

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