Reason Number 352,934 Why I…

Reason Number 352,934 Why I Love The Internet.

Now you can immortalize yourself or your loved ones as bobbleheads at!

“The perfect gift for birthdays, retirements, and commemorations or just for fun! Most caricature art is 2-dimensional, but now you can see that drawing come alive! Sculptor Bryan Guise has taken caricature art from a flat plane to a whole new 3-dimensional level.

Bryan Guise carefully handcrafts his sculptures, capturing the personality, color and detail of each character. It’s the ideal way to commemorate college or high school athletics or an academic achievement such as graduation. It’s just right for your boss, receptionist, friend or family member to place in the office or home.”

Three months and $150 later, you have your very own mini-me.  How can you resist?

[The Shifted Librarian]