Ok, here is a little…

Ok, here is a little more fun with filtered news feeds.  I used Google to search news items based on source (the NYTimes) and topic keyword (blog).  This feed pulls the most recent story in that mentions the NYTimes and blog.  Here is what this looks like.  With a couple tweaks I will get the summaries too with the keyword highlighted in the text.

Reporters Find New Outlet, and Concerns, in Web Logs
New York Times – 11 hours ago
[Google NYTimes weblog feed]

I could combine this using RSSDistiller in an hour or two to create a combined newsfeed that pulled filtered news on weblogs from the NYTimes, BBC, The Guardian, and any other major source available on Google.  There might be a way to package this so all you need to do is set in the keywords you want to filter and set the news sources you want to include.  Nice. [John Robb’s Radio Weblog]