Aggregation For The Masses! [1].

Aggregation For The Masses!.

RSS for All Major Newspapers and Websites

“I am working on an tool (as part of my Reptile project) that can take any website (CNN, NYTimes, Pravda, People’s Daily (Chinese Newspaper), etc) and produce a high quality (verbose descriptions) RSS 1.0 feed with the mod_content module.

For the most part it is functional….

What this enables is a system of RSS aggregators that can monitor newspapers around the world for the latest articles and view the content within their favorite aggregator.

For most people this exponentially increases their ability to manage news. For example I can just login in the morning, turn on my aggregator, and see the recent 50-100 articles since I went to sleep. I don’t have to check all 100 of my websites and my aggregator supports advanced functionality such as offline mirror and export to my PDA….

Right now we have about 7/12 major targets supported. I need to fix a few bugs and the others should work just fine.

If this sounds cool and you know a little about HTML and regexp, we could really use your help. This will only scale if we have sponsors supporting these URLs. Ideally we would have a few hundred RSS channels out of this so we need volunteers… maybe 6-12 would be ideal.

If you want to help just sign up to the Reptile mailing list.” [, via RSS Engine Blog]

Okay, a little mind blowing going on here. I want-want-want this yesterday!

[The Shifted Librarian]