This is pretty interesting. Using…

This is pretty interesting.  Using (I think) flash, it allows people to create database entity diagrams on a webpage.  er-diagram.   Given that it is on a server and not protected by a password, people can stomp on each other in real-time.  However, a variant of this aimed at digital dashboard construction could make it very easy to manage and edit webservices on the desktop.

For example:  A section for creating a new page on a digital dashboard like “add a page to my dashboard.”  Select “add a service” and select the services you want to see from a hierarchical drop down menu (for example sales, inventory, financial, server stats, etc).  Set the allowed parameters for the service (like all sales over $50,000 or sales by a specific salesman).  Then associate the service(s) with a page.  Click publish and the data appears in a preformated webpage on the desktop served by a content management system / dashboard application that gathers the data a preset interval in the background.

This type of simple digital dashboard approach is what people want.  They want to crack open corporate apps and get the data they need out.  Why?  People either hate the current overly complex client they are provided or can’t afford to extend clients to all of their employees (given that they would need only a subset of the data). [John Robb’s Radio Weblog]