NYT on Jaguar [1]. David…

NYT on Jaguar. David Pogue gives a rave review to the new Mac OS X.2, AKA “Jaguar,” in the NYT:

Plenty of other big-ticket features appear in 10.2: iChat, an instant-messaging program that’s compatible with AOL Instant Messenger; a surprisingly effective junk-mail filter in Apple’s Mail program; a new “clean install” option that lets you reinstall Mac OS X without having to erase the hard drive; a convenient Search bar at the top of every window; desktop backdrop photos that can change at regular intervals, smoothly fading from one to the next; a calculator that offers not only scientific functions but also unit conversions and even up-to-the-minute currency conversions. Version 10.2 also introduces Rendezvous, a behind-the-scenes networking technology that will someday permit computers, printers, palmtops and other gizmos to find and communicate with one another instantly, with no setup or configuring whatsoever.

But if you’re the kind of person who gets satisfaction from, say, the hushed thump of a Lexus car door closing, it’s the little things in Jaguar, the grace notes, that may mean the most in everyday work. For example, you not only get keyboard shortcuts for every important folder on your machine, but they’re all consistent and easy to remember: it’s always Shift-Command plus A for the Applications folder, F for Favorites, H for your Home folder, and so on.

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