It’s Knowledge Sharing – not…

It’s Knowledge Sharing – not Knowledge Management.

Here’s a perfect example of how weblogs can create shared knoweldge:

  • John Robb posts to his site about the State of Utah’s CIO asking his employees to start contributing to a K-log.
  • Mohan Narendran adds a comment to John’s post, pointing him to the Singapore Business Times article interviewing Robert Buckman of Buckman Labs.
  • Rajesh Jain sees the comment, adds a pointer to the article.
  • John sees Rajesh’s post, and adds a post of his own.
  • The knowledge spreads.

Interestingly, I wrote about Buckman Labs back in April. For those who are interested, here’s a snippet:

Speaking of Buckman Labs, look what a Google search turned up: Buckman’s website devoted to KM titled “Knowledge Nurture” – which includes a wealth of articles about Buckman’s KM efforts (like this case study in DestinationCRM).

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