Relive America’s Past [1].

Relive America’s Past.

“ProQuest Releases Complete Digital Backfile of The New York Times
This file begins in 1871 and runs to 1999. It includes over 25 million articles. From the news release, “Every backfile issue of The New York Times has been digitized from cover to cover, including news stories, editorials, photos, graphics, and advertisements. Searchers can use basic keyword, advanced, guided, and relevancy search techniques to locate information. Or, they can browse through issues page by page, as one would browse a printed edition. Search results lists provide bibliographic information, including date, issue, article headline, page number, and byline (where given). Users may choose to display the full page image of any page in any issue.”
See Also: In June, Gale released a digitized archive of The Times (London). This archive runs from 1785-1985.
See Also: Learn More About ProQuest’s Historical Newspaper Program” [The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk]

Thank your local library for this, because there would never be enough individual paying customers to make it worthwhile for ProQuest to finish and maintain this project. Very nice!

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