Klogging the Project Initiation Kick…

Klogging the Project Initiation Kick Off Report..

The Project Initiation Stage defines scope, schedule, resources, and risks, and gets buy-in from stakeholders to go forward. The Project Initiation Kick Off Report is your roadmap for this stage. This template has four parts:

  • Interview schedule, with dates, goals, and subjects
  • Description of your “Objective and Scoping Workshop”
  • Schedule of planned follow-up workshops and their deliverables
  • Schedule for writing and presenting your Project Initiation Report

This your “plan for the project plan.”


Feedback is your lifeblood in drafting the PI Kick Off Report and throughout the PI stage. If you are getting started, now is a good time to:

  1. Subscribe to the klogs of your project stakeholders.
  2. Start new project channels.

    • for yourself
    • for external stakeholders (management, investors), and
    • for the combined efforts of this stage’s contributors. Perhaps a multiauthor synthetic feed.

  3. Read about technography to make your interviews and workshops better. This includes having someone blog observations, findings, and other notes during the meeting, for immediate review afterward.
  4. Publish your progress and revisions to the PI Kick Off Report on your klog.
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