Ziv Caspi: [1]With this I…

Ziv Caspi:With this I take issue. I think that the real power of aggregation chains (an information feed aggregator possibly preceeded by an RssDistiller-like stage that takes care of subscriptions, periodic pinging sources, scraping, etc) is that it bring all the relevant information to your client, not that it brings links. [more…]

Wait: I agree that aggregators should bring contents on the user’s desktop database, I hate links to relevant news too and I would like to never have to leave my fast and efficient personal application server. What I wanted to say is that the original version of that content is (and hopefully will remain) available on some server somewhere on the net. Items in aggregators are temporary, they are deleted as soon as they are pushed “out of the window” from newer contents. The personal aggregator offers a personalized view of contents that are actually stored on other servers. I think that personalized is the keyword, the one we need to concentrate upon. Here’s how the process should work in this new information economy:

  1. Content is created on somebody desktop or from some other kind of intellgent bot
  2. Content is stored on a server
  3. I get the content in my aggregator for immediate reading
  4. If I need to recover that same content at some later time, I use google.
Important notice: This applies also to intranet environments, actually I think that at the moment is almost more important for restricted group of users, such as companies, than to the whole big internet. Users in a company will always (hopefully) be much more focused, thus making this kind of set-up much more valuable. [Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo’s Weblog]